Save A Life : #AdoptDon’tBuy

“Will they ever come back…

Come back to me?

World is too big for me to be,

All by myself

And they believe,

That I’ve been set free.


World is too big for me to be,

All by myself,

Distressed and lonely.

They believe

they’ve set me free.

But will they come back?

Come back to me?”







Meet Gabru








I managed to find this little fellow right outside my college gate.  Just 3 weeks old, he looked weak and hungry. Living in a hall of residence within the college premises, keeping a pet let alone a stray was out of question. But seeing him rest his head on my feet and cuddle up next to me, I couldn’t help but sneak him into my room.

Over the span of 2 weeks, I took him to the vet multiple times and managed to get him healthy. The day I found him and decided to take him in, turned out to be the best day of my life. But while caring for him and simultaneously searching for a home where he could get adopted, turned out to be an overwhelming experience.

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I realized that most people just claim to be animal lovers. For them having a dog is associated with perfect companion, full bread fighter dog and showing off to neighbors. No one wanted to adopt Gabru for the sole reason of him being a STRAY. People seemed to be less bothered and animal shelters kept only the wounded ones.

Bizarre fact is only breed dogs get adopted.

Where is the love? Do we now have a price for humanity? The solution of getting rid of stray is eyed with them being brutally killed. Why can’t the solution be “Stop breading and adopt?” Why can’t we save a life rather than paying for one.

The day I first met Gabru not only made me realize the importance of love that animals can bring in our lives but he also taught me an importance lesson.  I shall forever vouch for a Stray and request everyone to adopt them, to give them a second chance to life.

Don’t Shop- Adopt!

P.S – Gabru was adopted by my friend after 2 weeks. Now he lives in a huge house and loves chasing the cows away.  I miss you Gabru <3




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