Know Me!

Wow, a whole page just about me!

Hello!  Welcome to Whisper to a Roar 🙂 I am glad you stumbled upon my website and are curious to know more about me.



 Keep it Real, JUST BELIEVE 

I am Niharika and I am new to the blogging world.  Still a believer of fairytales (my version) and magic, I am looking for an absolutely imperfect person who looks at me with those goo-goo eyes and makes my life sparkle.

While touching my roots with reality and not letting go of my imagination and crazy beliefs, I want to stand in this world with confidence.

This blog is my journey of soul searching and self improvement. A platform where I can be “ME” embracing my individuality.

Over a span of one year, I saw myself through the worst. The journey to who I am today astonishes me. A girl who was all for others, learnt how to be for herself.

I hope this blog helps everyone who is still figuring out there place in this world and imagining their dreams become a reality.

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