Happiness is…

There is no path to Happiness: Happiness is the path

                                                                     – Gautama Buddha


When we grow up, we realize Google is our go to person; our best friend. Feeling sad, going through a breakup, need a relationship/career advice – Just Google! So I did just that – Googled HAPPINESS – the result was unsatisfactory. The search engine was filled with quotes, 15 day challenge ideas to find happiness and how to be content with life. Nothing made sense and I couldn’t even comprehend it along with my life.

We all go through those difficult moments in our lives where we have nothing we can be proud of. No career track, no relationship, nothing to show up for; life just seems to be falling apart. This feeling can stay with you for a short period or can be buried inside you forever. For me, they stayed for a short period until I realized recently that it has been with me all along. I fake it, pretend to act busy, go out and have a laugh but there is always an empty feeling inside me. The daunting question – How do I get rid of this feeling?? Answer – I don’t know.

I have always been a dreamer, practicality never helped me. To escape from the present I would dream. This helped me realize that I am not aimless; I know what I want from my life, just struggling to reach there. I am that girl who knows what she wants eventually, but is scared to grab it now. But I knew where all my dreams centered on – “The Power of Giving”.

The Power of Giving

Few years back, my dad was instructed to take a few school kids from Kashmir (disputed area between India and Pakistan), for a trip within India. This being a perfect opportunity for a family vacation, my dad took all of us along. When the trip nearly ended and we were all falling back to Delhi, we faced a “situation”. Our train was halted and we were told to evacuate due to a Bomb threat.

I was 10 years old and I remember seeing my dad evacuating all those kids out of the train and helping others who were stuck in. While I was trying to register what was happening around me, I saw this little girl crying since her father was still inside the train. As I continued to stare at her, I had an impulse and quickly took her in my arms. I started to make her feel better, forgetting how truly scared I was. That was the first time I realized – The Power of Giving. It turned out to be a false alarm but that moment I knew what I always wanted to do; where my happiness truly lied.

I am facing the same life crises again; no idea where my life is heading too. But what makes me happy – Being Kind. So whenever I am upset and life makes no sense, I go play with an animal or make someone else smile.


Getting what you want is simple. But, I didn’t say it was easy.                                                           –  Mel Robbins

The difficult moments in life are the ones that make us realize what our heart truly desires. It is the path to happiness which teaches us along the way, in respect of who we are and what we are here for.

The most difficult part in achieving ones dream is to take that leap of faith. To not only have faith in others but most importantly in yourself.  I believe in  achieving my dreams someday and I hope everyone believes in themselves too.

But in the journey of finding my happiness certain things became clearer:

  1. Happiness lies within US – we just need to brush the dust off.
  2. Always believe in yourself, even if it makes no sense; and
  3. Only include those in your life who can be a part of your happiness and also support you in your gloomy days.

In all the chaos in our lives, the last thing one needs is a pretentious relationship. After my failed dating attempts, one thing I standby is – Always want him, who wants you. I believe someday, we will all find someone who will not view our problems as a past baggage and rather make a positive difference. Until then, let’s do our thing!

Always Dream to be Happy. 🙂



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    wow, neha ….I love u for this beautiful post ..so inspiring.

    All the best for your new project …and keep posting.

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