All Grown up – F**k!!!

We live with expectations, dream about our potential future. Picturing ourselves 20years from now, we perceive no school, no exam pressure, a heavy bank balance, travelling around the world, and the best of all – INDEPENDENCE.

But is this what being a grown up feels like, NO! My advice, re-watch the movie 13 Going on 30 and you shall realize, adulthood is not what it seems. Yes, one can stay up late and have house parties without parents busting in, but there is far more to it than what meets the eye. Why aren’t we warned; warned about the consequences.

I am 24! And I have a hate and love relationship with myself… the life lessons, the career choice, the stress about the future, kills me! I look around and see people struggling. From finding love, to being successful, everyone has their struggles. Many of us (Including me) were desperate to grow up, live the life we imagined in our heads. However I wish, I hadn’t asked for this. I want to revisit my childhood and tell the 13th year old me that this is it – The Best Time Ever – cherish it and live it.

Realistic Expectations

I bet everyone remembers their “FIRST TRUE LOVE”. Love free from boundaries, the happy times to all those stupid ridiculous fights, from holding hands to those long walks. That is the Love story we live in our Childhood. The Grown up love story on the other hand, has its twists and turns.

whisper to a roar

Well now that I am in the dating market, everything seems like a “CHECK LIST”. It’s no longer about a spark or a click you feel with a person, it about judging them and evaluating them according to ones check list.

✔︎  Money (The determining factor)

✔︎  Looks (Looking for a Brad Pitt?)

✔︎  Sense of humor (well a tad of Jim Carrey won’t hurt; no one)

✔︎  Caring (Pamper me!)

Ask me, I want the childhood love story! Where, everything seems hopeful and there exists no list. Sparks and intuition guides us. Maybe, if we all experience this kind of love again, we might relive are childhood and be who we truly were!

Friends: For benefits?

I ADORE my friends; they are more than a family to me. But it’s true; the friends you meet in your childhood are the ones to keep forever. I am talking about the ones who understand you even without uttering a word, who are literally there for you when you have “A Situation”.

The Adult friendship is all about benefits. From literally being sex buddies to a financial banker for each other, there is a lack of trust and faith. We are humans, a resource for one another; they say.

I wish I can live the “GROWN UP Movie”. All my friends with their families stay together and do all those crazy stuff!! It’s a dream within a dream. With all of us moving to different countries, making this dream a reality shall be a task in itself. But I hope one day, it shall be as simple and effortless as it used to be.

Decisions: AGAIN???

whisper to a roar

I dread this word “DECISION”!!! Why is adulthood interpreted as a time you have – Everything Figured out? Most of the people after college have no idea where they heading towards. One of the toughest challenges you’ll encounter in your grown-up life shall be finding yourself. I have nothing figured out, my career, my life, my calling; but it will eventually shape up. Parents need to take a back seat and realize not everyone plans there adulthood. I hope for once WE STOP! We stop planning for the future and realize what this phase of life feels like. Maybe 10years from now I will be writing a post on how to “Revive your 20’s”.

Being in your 20’s has its perks and downfalls. But I don’t want to look back and wish I would cherished my 20’s more than I actually did.

Single? – Go on dates and have fun. Find yourself and enjoy the romance.

Committed? – Tear your check list away and aim at a childhood Love affair.

Married? – Well you are living a dream most people wish for, before every night they sleep. Make it worth it.

Let’s cheat our Adulthood… 🙂



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  • Reply June 15, 2015


    Amazingly written! So true. Word to word.

    • Reply June 16, 2015


      Thank you Malika…

      I appreciate your comments. 🙂

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