A Fairy Tale Romance

A Fairytale Romance is the most misinterpreted romance in today’s time. It’s usually misunderstood while being compared to cheesy Hollywood love fictions, raising the expectations of finding Mr. Right and wanting a happy ending.

Fairytale is a wish your heart makes

We grow up hearing our parents narrate fairytales; we believe in them as they give us hope for something honest and meaningful, making this world seem less superficial. But do we really understand the true essence of a fairytale romance? Or do we get mesmerized by the fantasy of it all?

Fairytale Love has become a daunting question in everyone’s mind. People are questioning the very essence of love. Monogamy has taken a back seat, cheating is now an everyday story.  Is this the world I want to believe in, hell no!

Today’s Era:

Everything is easy; you are a swipe away to find your Perfect match. But is it really that simple? Well love is not easy and hence fairytales aren’t either. Nothing is perfect, there exists no perfect, so quit finding it. Fairytale is not about the perfect never ending romance, rather it teaches us to believe and trust someone who might hurt us in a blink of an eye; It teaches us to fight for what we love; it makes us struggle to find our perfection in absolute imperfection.

The True Meaning:

Well for me “I believe in Fairytales” but not the cliché version of it. Someone said something to me which I shall never forget, he said “Fairytales happen; we are either too busy to notice or too foolish to let it go.” We all had or will have a fairytale in our lives but we tend to lose it all. It doesn’t matter if there was no happy ending or that it never transformed into something we desired. One should cherish the fact that it happened and it taught us and made us see a different perspective of life; a life beyond ourselves. It taught us to love, be selfless and fight as hard as possible for something we want.

A year ago, this article would have been written in a different perspective. Being new to the dating world and having absolutely no idea how to go about it, I learnt my share of lessons the hard way. It’s not simple as it’s advertised on the dating websites. The whole idea of love has been turned into a game – A Game of Chase as some call it.  The intense feeling of infatuation never turns into something meaningful. Love is more than feeling, it’s a reminder for commitment and compatibility that one has with their partner.

People these days believe in doing their thing, trying to achieve their wants. We all have an idea or a notion about love; we all are looking for the same thing. Just imagine how simple and less hurtful this concept of love and dating would become if people start to act and do exactly like the person they want to be with. People are becoming selfish and self centered just to save themselves from the pain, not realizing the harm they do to others. Every time a person shows dreams and then never stays to fulfill it, a part of a person’s trust and belief in love is questioned.

BELIEVE even if ridiculous, LOVE even if it’s painful, TRUST even if you know you will fall because someday you will meet someone who will make you experience a miracle. A miracle consisting of fights, imperfections and compromises, but it shall all be worth it, making it a “Fairy Tale”.

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